Create a New Reservation

  1. Select Create a new Reservation from the Shortcuts menu.

  2. Enter a Description for you activity.

  3. Place a checkmark in the box next to Check here to request assistance during this activity if you would like assistance from a technology support person.

  4. Change the Display Options if needed.

    Tip:  You can make this selection your default Display Options by clicking on the Save as Default button.


  5. Click on the Proceed to Step 2 button.

  6. Choose dates and Blocks Period of time during which you can reserve an Item (6:45 AM - 7:20 AM, Period 4, etc) for each Item you would like to reserve.


  7. Tip:  If you make a mistake, you can remove a selected (green) tile by clicking on it. You can also clear an entire selection by clicking on Clear Selected Dates in the Shortcuts menu.

    What do the different tile colors mean?
    Where is the description I entered in Step 1?
    What if I made a mistake and want to change which Items and Blocks are showing?

  8. Select Submit Reservation when you are finished.

  9. A confirmation page will appear showing the results of your selection.

  10. Return to the Main Menu or Create another Reservation.


What do the different tile colors mean?


Available For Use - Reserve it now!


Currently Selected - Click again to remove from current selection.


Reserved by Teacher/Staff


Reserved by Teacher/Staff - but still available for more reservations
(Ex. Library - more than one teacher can reserve).


Reserved for Class


No School Day



Where is the Description I entered in Step 1?

Under the calendar, you will see the Description of Activity you entered in Step 1. You can change the description at any point before you submit the reservation by clicking on the Change the Description link.



What if I made a mistake and want to change which Items or Blocks are showing?

  1. No problem. Click on Change Display Options in the Shortcuts menu to go back to Step 1.

  2. Click on the Proceed to Step 2 button when you are done making changes.