Welcome to myReservations

The myReservations system allows you to reserve most items without the added hassle of walking down to a central sign-up location or e-mailing the person in charge of the sign-up books. Information is always up-to-date, and can be accessed from any web browser connected to the Internet. Reserving computer labs, technology equipment, lecture halls, and other spaces has never been easier.


Key Features

Key features of myReservations include the following:

Easy to use manager and scheduler Create and manage your reservations with the click of a button.

Customizable display You can now customize your calendar display choosing which items and blocks to display during sign-up.

Advanced sign-up capabilities  Now you can sign up for multiple days, items, and blocks all at the same time.

Preference saving  You now have the ability to save system preferences for future visits.

Request items  Now you can make requests for items that need admin approval (Library, Camera Cart, etc).

E-mail Reminders/Notifications Receive notifications through your e-mail when requests have been approved or denied, and get weekly reminders for upcoming reservations.


System requirements

You must have a JavaScript enabled web browser. Set your screen resolution to at least 800 x 600 to minimize horizontal scrolling.

Supported Browsers


Getting Help

There are various ways to get Help on myReservations:

Tip:   Check with your network administrator before contacting Technical Support.